Joseph quinn movies and tvshows

joseph quinn movies and tv shows


1.The Personal History of David Copperfield (2019):

In “The Personal History of David Copperfield,” Joseph Quinn played the role of Young Copperfield. The movie is an adaptation of Charles Dickens’s iconic book, David Copperfield, which chronicles the life of its title character. The narrative traces David’s development from birth through adulthood, highlighting his experiences, difficulties, and development.

Young Copperfield was portrayed by Joseph Quinn in a formative period of the character’s life. Young Copperfield is a metaphor for David’s early years and the difficulties he encounters as he matures. Quinn’s portrayal of the protagonist’s youthful self most likely emphasized the persona’s naiveté, curiosity, and fortitude.

2.Overlord (2018):

In the movie “Overlord” released in 2018, Joseph Quinn played the character of Grunauer. Set during World War II, the film combines elements of war and horror to create an intense and thrilling story.

Grunauer is one of the characters in the film who becomes entangled in a terrifying and otherworldly situation. Without giving away too many spoilers, the story revolves around a group of American paratroopers who are dropped behind enemy lines in Nazi-occupied France. They discover a secret underground laboratory where disturbing and supernatural experiments are taking place.

As Grunauer, Joseph Quinn’s portrayal likely contributed to the suspense and tension of the film. His character may have faced unimaginable horrors and challenges as the story unfolded. Grunauer’s role might have involved showcasing the fear, desperation, and determination to survive in the face of supernatural and wartime dangers.

“Overlord” blends the horrors of war with a touch of supernatural terror, offering a unique twist on the World War II genre. With Joseph Quinn’s performance as Grunauer, audiences could experience the character’s journey through the harrowing events of the film, adding depth to the overall storytelling and suspenseful atmosphere.

Tv shows

1.Game of Thrones (2017):

In the seventh season of the highly acclaimed fantasy series “Game of Thrones,” Joseph Quinn appeared as a character named Koner. Koner is a member of the Night’s Watch, a sworn brotherhood tasked with defending the realm from the dangers beyond the Wall.

As a member of the Night’s Watch, Koner is part of an ancient order stationed at the Wall, which separates the Seven Kingdoms from the lands beyond. The Night’s Watch’s primary purpose is to guard the realms of men and protect them from the mythical creatures and threats lurking in the north, such as the White Walkers.

While the specifics of Koner’s role may vary, being a member of the Night’s Watch means he likely participated in various missions, patrolled the Wall, and maintained the order within their ranks. As part of an ensemble cast, his character may have interacted with other notable characters from the Night’s Watch, as well as individuals from other factions within the series.

“Game of Thrones” is renowned for its complex characters, intricate plotlines, and epic battles, and Joseph Quinn’s portrayal of Koner would have contributed to the overall tapestry of the show. While the seventh season of “Game of Thrones” marked the series’ penultimate season, the character of Koner may have played a supporting role in advancing the storyline and adding depth to the world of the Night’s Watch and the threats they face.

2.Howards End (2017):

In the television adaptation of E. M. Forster’s novel “Howards End,” Joseph Quinn portrayed the character of Percy Cahill. “Howards End” is a classic novel set in early 20th-century England, exploring themes of class, social conventions, and personal relationships.

Percy Cahill is a significant character in the story, albeit a secondary one. He is introduced as a young man who becomes romantically involved with one of the main characters, Helen Schlegel. Percy comes from a wealthy background but lacks the intellectual depth and emotional maturity of Helen and her social circle.

Joseph Quinn’s portrayal of Percy Cahill likely involved bringing out the character’s contrasting qualities. Percy might have been depicted as a somewhat naive, entitled, and socially awkward individual who struggles to navigate the complexities of the world portrayed in the story. His interactions with other characters, particularly Helen, would have showcased the challenges and tensions arising from their mismatched backgrounds and perspectives.

“Howards End” delves into the societal norms and values of the time, exploring the clash between the traditional upper-class society and the emerging modern world. Joseph Quinn’s performance as Percy Cahill would have contributed to highlighting the character’s role within this dynamic, offering insights into the themes of love, social class, and personal growth explored in the novel and its television adaptation.

3.Les Misérables (2018):

In the BBC miniseries adaptation of Victor Hugo’s renowned novel “Les Misérables,” Joseph Quinn took on the role of Courfeyrac. “Les Misérables” is a sprawling epic that delves into themes of justice, redemption, and revolution in 19th-century France.

Courfeyrac is one of the key characters in the story, a member of the Friends of the ABC, a group of revolutionary students fighting for social change. He is depicted as an idealistic and passionate young man who actively participates in the events leading up to the June Rebellion of 1832.

Joseph Quinn’s portrayal of Courfeyrac would have involved capturing the character’s fervor, loyalty, and camaraderie with his fellow revolutionaries. Courfeyrac is known for his charisma, wit, and dedication to the cause of equality and justice. He often serves as a source of inspiration and support for the protagonist, Jean Valjean, and his friends.

By bringing Courfeyrac to life, Joseph Quinn would have contributed to the emotional depth and intensity of the series. Courfeyrac’s interactions with other characters, his involvement in revolutionary activities, and his unwavering spirit would have been central to highlighting the themes of hope, sacrifice, and the pursuit of a better world that lie at the heart of “Les Misérables.”

4.Catherine the Great (2019):

In the historical drama series “Catherine the Great,” Joseph Quinn appeared as Peter Zavadovsky. The series revolves around the life of Catherine II, also known as Catherine the Great, who was the Empress of Russia during the late 18th century.

Peter Zavadovsky is a fictional character in the series, created to add depth and intrigue to the story. He is depicted as a handsome and ambitious young officer in the Russian army. Peter forms a romantic relationship with Catherine, who is married to Emperor Peter III at the beginning of the series.

Joseph Quinn’s portrayal of Peter Zavadovsky likely involved showcasing the character’s charm, ambition, and the complicated dynamics of his relationship with Catherine. Peter’s role may have involved political intrigue, romantic entanglements, and his struggle for power within the Russian court.

As a supporting character, Peter Zavadovsky would have interacted with other key figures in Catherine’s life, such as her husband Peter III and her close confidants. His presence would have added layers of drama, conflict, and emotional complexity to the series’ narrative, exploring the personal and political challenges faced by Catherine during her reign.

With Helen Mirren in the lead role as Catherine the Great, Joseph Quinn’s performance as Peter Zavadovsky would have contributed to the series’ exploration of power, love, and the complexities of ruling an empire. His character would have provided an additional perspective on the captivating life of Catherine the Great.

Overall, Joseph Quinn’s performance as Courfeyrac would have added to the complex tapestry of characters and narratives in the miniseries adaptation of this timeless and impactful tale by Victor Hugo.

5.Dickensian (2015-2016):

In the TV series “Dickensian,” which aired from 2015 to 2016, Joseph Quinn had a recurring role as Arthur Havisham. “Dickensian” is a unique series that brings together characters from various Charles Dickens novels and weaves their stories into an interconnected narrative.

Arthur Havisham is a character derived from Dickens’ famous novel “Great Expectations.” In “Great Expectations,” Arthur is the half-brother of the eccentric Miss Havisham, a central character in the story. Arthur Havisham is portrayed as a kind-hearted and sympathetic individual who cares deeply for his sister and becomes entangled in her tragic story.

Joseph Quinn’s portrayal of Arthur Havisham likely involved capturing the character’s compassion, loyalty, and the inner turmoil he experiences due to his family’s troubles. As a recurring character, Arthur’s storyline would have intersected with other characters from Dickens’ novels, offering a fresh perspective and shedding light on the interconnectedness of the Dickensian universe.

“Dickensian” itself is a creative blend of Dickens’ iconic characters, exploring their lives and relationships beyond their original stories. It provides a new and intriguing take on these familiar characters, intertwining their narratives in a way that adds depth and complexity to the Dickensian world.

With Joseph Quinn’s performance as Arthur Havisham, “Dickensian” would have showcased the character’s development and interactions within this unique universe, offering fans of Dickens’ works an opportunity to see beloved characters in a fresh and interconnected light.

6.The Serpent (2021) – He played the character of Charles Sobhraj in this crime drama series based on the real-life serial killer.

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